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Squeaky Clean has Listened to You!

Squeaky Clean has listened to you, our customers, and after consulting with the company that supplies us with our spotting solutions, we have come to an agreement to develop and distribute these same products to you. These are the very same solutions that we use to rid your carpets of stains and odors. We have been using these spotters for many years, which has made us the successful business we are today...

No Doubt Spot’s Out

The all in one spot lifter. This solution works on almost every stain from food and drink to tar, gum and copier toner. No Doubt is what is called a spot suspends the staining off the fiber for easy blotting. No Doubt uses no soaps for re-soiling, the solution evaporates in a matter of minutes. For carpet and upholstery, always check for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area. For upholstery, spray on white cotton rag, not on furniture, blot gently rotating the rag DO NOT RUB. On carpet, for most food, drink and everyday staining, you use only a small spray per stain...never saturate...leave on for 5 to 10 seconds, then blot away, DO NOT RUB. When blotting work from the outside of the stain toward the center using a little pressure on a white cotton rag, rotating the rag as you blot so you are constantly using a clean part of the rag. For tar, gum, wax, some adhesives, and etc chip off most of the excess hardness then work the solution into the stain then proceed like you would for everyday staining. You will be blown away with the results. Safe for wool, most natural fibers and stain resistant carpet.

No Doubt Spot's Out


Oil & Water Based Stain Lifter$15 per Quart

Ur-In Ur-Out

Natural urine, vomit, blood and feces odor and stain remover. This solution works on all urine; dog, cat, ferret, human and even skunk. The enzymes you can purchase at your local pet store or online have very weak enzymes that die in a matter of minutes and usually perfumed to mask the odor. This solution combines the three strongest enzymes lipase, protease, and amylase , with natural surfactants to quickly penetrate and digest the malodors and lift it off of the fiber to be easily blotted away. If the urine, vomit is wet blot first with a white cotton rag. On dried urine stains, spray Ur-In Ur-Out on the stain and also about 50% around the stain...leave on for 5 to 10 minutes then blot with a different white cotton rag working from the outside toward the center using pressure but rotating the rag as you blot so you are constantly using a clean part of the rag. Let dry naturally and POOF the urine is gone. Always store in a cool dark location and when using the gallon...use only what you need and put unused solution back in the opaque white bottle.

Ur-In Ur-Out


Natural odor and stain remover$15 per Quart
$30 per Gallon

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The stain removers that you purchase at your grocer or hardware, are there for one reason only...the more product you use the more you will buy. The stain looks like it is out but a day later the stain returns this time bigger than the original stain. So you get out that spray again and the cycle continues. They want you to use their products over and over again. On the other hand, our solutions are very effective, economical, family , pet and environmentally safe. Economical and effective because you use only a small need to saturate the staining.

There are no sticky soaps or detergents left in your carpet to cause re-soiling. There are no heavy chemical odors. Unlike like the majority of stain removers on the market, ours evaporate and do not stay in your carpet. Squeaky Clean has developed two different spotters; one for everyday staining and the other for urine, vomit, blood and feces removal. Both the same ones that we use in our business day in day out. And just like our cleaning, our products are satisfaction is guaranteed. Try one or both if you need them.

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