Squeaky Clean has Listened to You!

Squeaky Clean has listened to you, our customers, and after  consulting with the company that supplies us with our spotting  solutions, we have come to an agreement to develop and distribute these  same products to you. These are the very same solutions that we use to  rid your carpets of stains and odors. We have been using these spotters  for many years, which has made us the successful business we are  today...


Ur-In Ur-Out

Natural urine, vomit, blood and feces odor and stain remover. This  solution works on all urine; dog, cat, ferret, human and even skunk. The  enzymes you can purchase at your local pet store or online have very  weak enzymes that die in a matter of minutes and usually perfumed to  mask the odor. This solution combines the three strongest enzymes  lipase, protease, and amylase , with natural surfactants to quickly  penetrate and digest the malodors and lift it off of the fiber to be  easily blotted away.  If the urine, vomit is wet blot first with a white  cotton rag. On dried urine stains, spray Ur-In Ur-Out on the stain and  also about 50% around the stain...leave on for 5 to 10  minutes then  blot with a different white cotton rag working from the outside toward  the center using pressure but rotating the rag as you blot so you are  constantly using a clean part of the rag. Let dry naturally and POOF the  urine is gone. Always store in a cool dark location and when using the  gallon...use only what you need and put unused solution back in the  opaque white bottle.

Ur-In Ur-Out

Natural odor and stain remover


$15 per Quart

$30 per Gallon

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